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EV Charger Point Service

Worried about the safety or usability of a charger that you have acquired. We offer a comprehensive 15-point inspection to make sure that your EV charger is safe to use.  

Electric Car Charger

Things that should be considered before getting an EV charger installed at my home. 

We check for damage or wear to the case, cable and related connections and also to the connector itself. 

We then perform a functional check on the charger itself demonstrating that it will perform as originally intended and making sure that the safety features originally built into the charger are still fully functioning. 

Ev charger technology and the regulations around their installation have changed significantly in the last few years with a number of new safety features now required to be fitted as standard to new chargers and/or their supply. These measures have significantly improved the risks associated with charging an electric vehicle outside the building and in many cases can be retrofitted to older chargers. 

If the tethered plug type or socket type is wrong for your particular vehicle, then in most cases these can easily be changed to match your vehicle. 

Electric Car Charger

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