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Installation, Servicing & Repair of Electric Vehicle chargers

We offer a full professional installation of EV chargers at your home or workplace. We also offer servicing and full safety checks on existing chargers. 

Our Charging Points

Here at Cotswold Car Charge we supply the highest standard of EV charging points on the market. Take a look below to find out more.


Myenergie Zappi

Best Selling British made EV charger. The Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference.


Simpson & Partners Home 7

Design appeal and exceptional build quality with a wide selection of finishes and colours.

Pulsar Max.png

Wallbox Pulsar Max

Tougher. Simpler. Smarter. In colours that feel like home. Say hello to the newest member of the Wallbox charging family

Andersons A2 Wood.jpeg

Andersen A2

Stylish Premium charger that can be customised to suit all environments. 

Hypervolt Home 3.png

Hypervolt Home 3

Designed and manufactured in Britain. Comprehensive app for total control on charging times.

EO Mini Pro 3.png

EO Mini Pro 3

The smallest fast charger on the market but still packed with all the latest smart technology

OHME Charger.jpg

Ohme Home Pro

Small in footprint with a clear and easy to read LCD screen that works alongside the dedicated App.

Indra Smart Pro

Indra Smart Pro

Smart by name and smart by nature, the Smart Pro makes EV charging easy and convenient.


EV Charge Point Installations

Full Installation of EV chargers at your home or business. Discover how Cotswold Car Charge can work with you to install your charger where you want it. 

Zappi on wall.PNG


EV Charge Point Repair

If your Charge Point stops working it can be a real problem if you do not live close to a reliable public charge point.

Cotswold Car Charge can diagnose where the problem lies and if the charger cannot be repaired on site we can usually install a temporary replacement charger to keep you on the road whilst your charger is being repaired.

Charger Point Image.jpeg


Ev Charge Point Service

Moved house recently?... Some of our customers want peace of mind to know that the charger they have acquired is fully functional for them and installed in line with current regulations. 

Get your charger checked out for safety and functionality which a comprehensive 15 point check plan . 

Vhargin Point Image.jpeg

Over 30 years’ experience in Electronics. 

Image by Ryan Shumway
  • How long does it take to charge an EV?
    Most EVs fully charge overnight, which is great if you're charging at home.  A Mode 4 public Rapid or Ultra-Rapid charge point (up to 350kW) can return an exhausted EV to 80% of its range in just 20 minutes. While that's not as quick as filling up with petrol or diesel, if you've driven far enough to need a recharge, chances are you'll want a short break anyway. At home, you will be looking at a Mode 3 fast charger with a 7kW charging speed. If you are lucky enough to have a 3 phase supply to your property, this could be at 22KW but not all vehicles can charge at the full 22kW in Mode 3. As a guide, a ‘standard’ 4 door medium sized electric vehicle currently has a battery capacity of around 60kHw which will take around 10 ½ hours to charge from empty to full with a 7kW Charger. All charge points have to be smart these days. This means you can set a scheduled time for when you want your car ready, and the charger can ensure to use electricity when it's cheapest to do so if possible.
  • How much does it cost to fully charge an Ev and how many miles will I get?
    This obviously depends very much on the size of the battery and the price of the electricity that you are charging it with. If we take our average 4 door medium sized car with a 60 kWh battery, and an average electricity price (at the time of writing) of 0.26p per kWh, then this would equate to £15.60 for a full charge from empty to full. For the same 4 door medium sized car you would expect to get around 200 miles in real life driving from a 60kHw battery. This would equate to around 8p per mile for a mid-sized Ev, compared to around 14p per mile for the equivalent diesel car.
  • Can I get a grant towards the cost of an EV charger at home?
    From 1st April 2022, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) was replaced with a new grant that restricted eligibility to homeowners who live in flats and people who live in rented accommodation (flats and single use properties). If you fall into these categories, then you may be eligible for a grant of £350 towards the cost of the charger and install.
Charger Point Image.jpeg

Fully qualified staff, who aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Latest News

Take a look at our latest news and product updates featuring technical help, industry news and our most recent installations.

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We hold your hand through the process, allowing you to make the right charger choices to best suit your personal needs. 


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